Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cherry Berry

Today, I was driving to Melaka city to pass Abah the key for his bike. Apparently he lost it =.='..

I was driving when suddenly a sudden pain hit my stomach and something from down under begged to be let out. It happened at an interjunction with traffic light showing red. I had cold sweat on the forehead. Damn I said. Mom was nervous coz then I continued driving like a woman on a verge of giving birth.haha

After giving birth to whatever I was giving to, I bought two sachets of Chikitekaun pill and gulped down one. And continued having fun at Jusco after we passed the key to Abah. After window-ed shopping, Mom and I wanted to have lunch at Pizza Hut. After placing order, we waited and talked when the urge came back. Damn!

I was in the toilet close to 10 minutes but nothing came out just excruciating pain followed by nauseous feeling. Erghhh!

Returned back to Mom, tapau-ed the hot pizza and drove home.

Spent the whole afternoon thinking what did I eat before but couldnt figure out any.

I have this problem since high school. Sensitive stomach. I couldnt risk eating any bad food even a tiny one. Straight away I'll be cherry-berrying the whole day. Mom said I got this from Abah. True enough. It has always been me and Abah to get hit by the first wave of food poisoning.

What a post without a picture eh?


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