Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, Sabah

This is a long overdue post.haha

Kota Kinabalu was our honeymoon destination. Flip back for old entries and you'd find some.hehe We went there for 4days 3 nights and we stayed at 3 different hotels. Hyatt Regency was the last hotel and the nicest one that we stayed before our honeymoon ended. And I wont bother talking about other 2 hotels because we didnt experience pleasant stay there.hehe

Shortly after we entered the room, we were greeted by this on the right.hehe

From the sink, we could see the bed. There's a door in case you want to separate the bedroom and the washroom

Personal space. The only thing it's too small for my liking.

We didnt have a bath tub but power shower. If I have my own home, I would like to have this design.hehehehehe Fefeling romantic under the rain gitewwww!

Our spacious room.

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Unfortunately we didnt get the sea view. Neh mind..

There was a pantry too. Only before check-out we realised they had a drawer full of candies/chocolates. We took all of them.haha

The view while waiting for the elevator.

I fell sick during honeymoon so I spent the whole afternoon sleeping and resting. Worth the money.hahaha

Our room came with breakfast for 2 as well. We've been to many hotels from the past 3 months and I would love to say this hotel has more varieties compared to others. A total plus mark there!

I extra point for this hotel I would like to share.

After the check-out, we went to the airport by a taxi that we hired in front of the hotel. After custom clearing at the airport, I realised my mobile phone was not in the bag. I didnt panick tho coz Galaxy Note was flashing before my eyes.hahaha But B called the hotel and they were very helpful trying to locate the taxi. We didnt know the taxi plate nor contact number. But through the time we left the hotel the admin managed to find the uncle.

My dream for a Galaxy Note crashed as my phone was safely delivered to us before boarding time.

Thank You Hyatt Kinabalu for making our honeymoon a pleasant memory =)))))

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