Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hoyeah hoyeah hoyeah hoyeah joget joget gojet

I'm excited!hehe why?

I'm flying to Bintulu next week. Alhamdulillah. Everything went smoothly. Previously we thought we would not see each other for a month because both of us are cuffed with work and none of us are free on weekend. I have school replacement and next week, we are supposed to have Charity Dinner for the school but it got postponed. So I'll have a free weekend next week and bought the ticket we did!

The only thing that we were unaware of is that Bintulu will be the national host for Hari Malaysia. Most of the  hotel/inn rooms are fully booked. We just had raya celebration and the pocket is breeding butterflies now and we cant make it for expensive rooms.hahaha somehow, Alhamdulillah. B got a decent room with almost, almost bearable price at New World Motel. It's a new motel and I'm dying to experience it because based on the pictures from the website, I loveeeeee the decor.

Let's bring up the excitement!

B said all standard rooms are fully booked.


We r gonna have a room with 2 queen beds.ahahaha takpe i likeeee!

Since young, I'm always excited to be in a hotel room. Especially ones with nice decor. I have big family so when we went for travelling, we'd always stay at budget hotels. That's how I grew my sakainess!

If it's not because of money constraint, I would love to stay at Everyly Resort. If you can afford it, if you go to Bintulu, please please please stay at Everly. Been there twice and boy I'm a satisfied guest =))

Will blog about the real room at New World Motel after I come back.

Have a great week ahead!

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