Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New World Motel, Bintulu

Finally, first hand experience!hehe

Last week I flew back to Bintulu for four days 3 nights stay. Since we have no house to be called home, hotel is our only option. For this visit, we chose a newly open hotel or motel, NEW WORLD MOTEL!!!. There's another hotel with similar name in Bintulu, New World Suites.hehe

Other rooms were fully booked in conjunction of Malaysia day. We had a deluxe room with 2 beds.hehe the other bed was used for praying only =)

The one element I love the most is the wall paper. seriously!

I arrived in the late evening so B went to check in first. I told him to take pictures of the room before he mess the place.haha

Too bad there's no bath tub. But it has a power shower with hot tab.

Toilet with bidet. Love love love!

I love the room, the staff, the interior. Therefore, I proudly add this hotel into my favourite hotel list.haha

The only complain: too noisy in the morning with sounds of drilling the wall, knocking.

The motel had it's soft opening i.e. the work of renovation is still under progress. 

And since it has not done its grand opening, we paid RM118 only (real price is RM155).HEHEHEHE

annnnndddddddddddd for the first time ever I felt so safe staying alone in the hotel room. B had to work so I stayed in doing my work.hehe Our hotel was full with policemen for Malaysia day. Not only our hotel tho. You could easily spot police bikes/cars/jeeps parked in front of many many hotels, inns in Bintulu.

Alrite. This hotel wont disappoint you. Bye!
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