Friday, September 7, 2012

Hands on belly

B and I have been in a long distance relationship for few years already now. We have our own ways to spark the fact that we are not living together. Over the phone when we talk, we would pretend that we sit next to each other or something like that. If you understand what I'm saying.hehe

Anyhoo, today I fasted for the 3rd day. Having a belly full of tomyam, rice, sardine and telur dadar, I lied on the bed and called B on the phone.

Me     : Show me your hands
B       : Huh?
Me    : Show me your hands. I want to put them on my belly.
B      : Ha? *lost of words for awhile*.... what?
Me    : I want you feel my bloated belly. I had a full dinner la.....
B      : La..... I tot you're pregnant. hehe
Me    : ahahahahaha know Miss Red just left me few days ago..hahahaha

The panic voice of him was priceless. I never thot those words - hands on belly would give him different understanding.haha

Miranda Kerr baby bump. Nak jugak samakan belly bump ngn miranda kerr punya khennnnn!

I love you B!

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