Sunday, April 11, 2010 i come!

I've always wanted a camera. I'm not a fan of DSLR..just a compact camera that can fit in my bag. I need it so much for my blog as well.

So, after a week of surveying, asking, consulting some experts, i chose a model from Lumix. Why Lumix?

i wanted a canon but it's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  out of my budget. If i dont have to do my practicum this semester, i would have gotten one. =)

Lumix's like the 2nd favourite brand in Malaysia after canon (The uncle who pujuk2 me damn well to buy lumix, 2010)

It's within the budget. RM599 to be exact. I'm still a 12mp camera for that price is considered ok already.

None of the people i asked suggested Sony. Except my girlfriends. Maybe because girls are more towards the design..not the function..haha if i'm super rich, i would go for Sony as well. THeir designs are cheeky!

My legs were killing me during the 'quest' of searching the right camera in Mahkota Parade today.hehe...At the end of the journey, i told my cousin, i'll just grab any camera offered to me after this...hahaha

Lumix FS12

Go here for the specifications =)

So, i hope with this camera, i'll become more active in blogging and earn and earn extra extra money from my sugar daddy =)


QieYaH said...

lumix mmg best. i own one.hehehe..thumbs up

sword said...

pilihan bijak...heehe

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