Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello everyone, nice to meet you =)

Millions apologies for those who visited this site yesterday and found nothing. I'm pretty busy playing Virtual Villagers that demands my attention 24/7  Hee....

Let's start from scratches, shall we??

oh i love this picture. Looked a bit retarded but this was taken candidly when i was gigling~~

my family picture. 4 people missing~~

I am a diasporic girl who currently lives in my 'host' area.hee My name is Nurul. I am the 3rd in my 9-siblings. The eldest sister with two older brothers. I have a niece and a nephew, both whom i would do anything for them. Err...currently studying TESL in UKM. I'm going to graduate next year and become a teacher. I am also in a 6-year-relationship. I know it's like forever already. Plan to get married next year but maybe not due to financial issues. Maybe the following year. Oh..btw, he's Mr S. =)

Mr. S -  currently doing his practicum in ABF Bintulu

One of my greatest dream has always been to return back to Sarawak. That's why i am a diasporic girl. i always refer that land as HOME. be fair, i grew up there for 13 years before we returned back to Malacca. Therefore, i have my emotional bond there. Simply put, i love that land!

I am a damn quite person. Rather reserved. I have trust issues with certain people. Even with my family members. I trust my best buddies -  Iera, Aya, Amelyn. I would die for these people. Well,we grew up together in the boarding school.hehe

I have a bitchy mouth. If i dont like something, i will speak it out. That's why many people dont like me. I dont want to but sometimes i just blurt out some words that hurt people.I regretted it most of the time but sometimes i dont. Well, i have my reasons.

I love blogging. i love writing. So, i'll never stop!

Nice knowing you people!
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