Saturday, April 24, 2010

i have more important things going on in my life

i am currently at home. Emergency reason to look for a house in Jasin. This afternoon, my family will go there to check the house =.= perluka the whole family pegi..haha anyway, my mom is salivating over Ikan Bakar Umbai. so we might have our dinner there. i wanted too.hope to order crabs..since mom's paying right/? miahahaha

Yesterday my mom told me bout adam's latest condition. The doctor will wait till today to see Adam's progress. Of his condition hasnt changed, he might be referred to specialist hospital. Poor little boy. The other day my bro said the he got ROTAVIRUS infection. Apparently it's a common disease for kids under 5 years old. It will cause severe diarrhea and throwing up. It's not bad except if the baby is severely dehydrated. Other than that, Umar said his intestine is 'luka'. erego the lactose intolerant thingy. His body cannot produce the enzym to 'change' lactose from the milk into 'lactase' or vice versa. i'm really bad in biology. so people, pray with us ok. he's lost weight and getting skinnier. skinny baby is not at all cute. but Adam will always be the cutest baby ever.

this taken from my Sister's facebook -  look at his arm =(~

i'm kinda irritated with some people who keeps talking bout nonsensical stuffs. c'mon dude, there are things that i have to do than 'setting' up my ears listening to your infab life. seriously. i dont force you to hear bout my life. like right now, even Adam is like the biggest thing in my life, i dont go round selling my story. i talk in my blog. or some hopes i wrote on FB. you did ask bout adam. but belum sempat i habis cerita, u dah butt in your part of story though didnt related at all to my story. what the heck? during normal time i can pretend that i'm listening. but at this time, i was hoping that at least you would 'pretend' to listen. what ever. holidays's coming soon. wont see you for months.

sorry. i said i wont complain bout people anymore in this blog. but hey, the cliche 'i'm still a human'. especially right now where i've become overly sensitive with things related to Adam. the only thing i havent been doing is flashing my anger. i dont ask the world to understand me. just a lil bit of room.  at least wait till this period is over. than you can continue with all the 'this-is-sooo-not related-and-boring-' stories.



Dewi Hiu bt. Iskandar Hiu said...

Tedah adam... nang nmpk kurus... get well SOON adam... InsyaAllah... maybe nya mok mbesar kali... yalah cam ya... tp siyesli, nya maseh encem! hehehehehe

Nurul Razak said...

hehe makseh kak dewi..kmk pun arap gya..nang sedih la tgok nya sik aktif.hee thanks k

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