Monday, April 19, 2010


yea i know, i kept quite for few days. reason being is i dont feel connected to this new blog. the truth is, i am being hypocritical. this new blog is NOT at all reflect the true me. yea the true my is grumpy, reckless writer and asyik nak kutuk orang..bahaha...therefore, the mood to write is not there anymore. until i change the layout. a bit la rasa sense of belonging to this blog..haha

the previous layout kinda girly for me. and the fonts are too small and not clear. wonder how you guys can read eh?

k la. toodles!


Roserina said...

kmk orang pakei kanta pembesar bah baca... :))

Nurul Razak said...

haha..simok kmk torang suma jagi rabun dekat..worst..ada ageing line kat mata..gne ya?hehe

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