Thursday, April 29, 2010

checklist before moving in to a rent house~

Tomorrow i am going to send some of my stuffs to Jasin. But the real one starts on Sunday. Since i have too many stuffs, i need two trips to send em' all.

stuffs yang sedia ada~

i am using most of my stuffs from living in the hostel. have to add on mattress and a standing fan since the house is not furnished.i had a hard time choosing which one to bring. if its up to me, i would bring anything. Anything including side table in my room coz i thought it would add to homey feeling in the room in Jasin.i also hoping to bring a table lamp that my mum bought from IKEA but she has never used it to complement the side table.hehe even pleaded my mum to let me 'borrow' her washing machine and fridge from her rental house. tp kesian la budak-budak uitm yang menyewa rumah tu pulak kan..hehe

extra side table in my room

table lamp yang tak dipakai~

i oso planned to bring tv over there till Kak Sha said i wont have time to watch oso since i'm gonna be busy preparing teaching aids. damn~ oh i just want to have a sense of home since this is my first time renting out.but my adik said i'm just being ngegeh.haish~

since my plan to bring all the homey stuffs fail  T_________T, i am literally listing all types of dry food i need to bring over.haha cheapskate betul pakai duit sendiri.yalah...only few bucks food,rental, car fuel..kena la 'rob' mom's money selagi boleh kan? oh dry food including stock nescafe and milo's been a long time since i keep junk food..maggi pun dah lama tak beli...hee

ok, jangan tiru aksi cheapskate aku~


QieYaH said...

all the best for your practicum k nurul.hehe. sik sabar nunggu ktk update utk practicum.maok juak tauk kaba2 berita.hehe. goodluck k..

miss hav0c said...

pergghhh baek hang angkut satu umah akak

Nurul Razak said...

kak zack: hehe umah sekda tenet..skolah jak ada..mun sempat kmk curi2 masa la..mun sik..tunggu weekend kmk balit umah jak..haha

ms havoc:tu la,,rasa angkut tp macam terover plak kan..lagipun 2 bulan je..hee

Anonymous said...

funny la u nurul..hehe..gonna miss u..gud luck:-)visha..

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