Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my little hero is still sick =(

despite having a paper to sit tomorrow, i decided to join my parents to visit Adam in Shah Alam. even if i didnt go, my mind could not focus on the paper at all. every little things in my head are Adam now.

Today when we were visiting, he's more active than yesterday. however, his diarrhea is getting worst. on the 6th time of pooping, there were drops of blood. Scary right? even the doctor was shocked because he seemed to be responding to the medication this morning. haish~

And now, the Dr advised his parents to stop giving milk. only porridge. can you tell me how Adam or any baby can survive without milk?? Apparently, he's sucrose intolerant as well. Yesterday we were told that he is lactose intolerant. so, his parents changed to soy based milk. now, he cannot drink any brands as the soy based milk contain sucrose..kesiannya...

Adam lost 1kg already. he used to be a fat baby. he lost his 'boyot' cheek. he can fit into his 2-months-old clothing. he looks really tiny to me..his movement is all slow. my dad attempts to play with him failed many times. he gave his emotionless look even to my dad's janggut geli2.

But our hero is brave. he doesnt do much crying accept when he's hungry, poops or sleepy. i think he knows how to make his parents happy by doing less crying.

The Dr said he can be discharged this Friday after he has fully recovered. my brother is very lucky as all the expenses are covered by the company insurance. Alhamdulillah. or else, God knows how much the bill cost.

I am praying so that our little hero will fully recovered as soon as possible. What ever happens to him affected me in any mind cannot at all focus on anything.hee...

Ok peeps..bye~


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