Saturday, April 24, 2010

yeah dah dapt rumah sewa~

Alhamdulillah...semua urusan hari ni dipermudahkan..

Today as i said in the previous post, i am going to see the rent house for the 1st time. i was nervous to meet my new housemates. yelah tak kenal. baik ke, sombong ke.


the house turned out to be moorreee than i expected. i was soo happy. ye la a bit sakai since this is my first time staying independently with strangers.hehe the house looked cramped from the outside but the inside was pretty huge and wide. kira ok what...3 rooms. rm300 per month..what more can u ask? and then water and electricity bills pun not more than per month i'll need to chuck in rm70 only. and the school is about 2km best..

and after meeting my housemates, Kak Mazni and Kak Sha, i am glad that they are super friendly! soo happy...they showed me around the house. and told me stuffs bout the school.,. they are practical students in the same school as well.hee and they are from UPSI.

what more eh to tell??

ah...Adam has shown good progress today. more active and less pooping. might be discharged on Monday. yippeee!!

p/s we discovered new area to eat good seafood in Malacca..which is in UMBAI. memang sedap..tapi balik rumah sedap gak bergaru..*sejak bila tah alergik seafood nih*...


miss hav0c said...

wah duk leklok ye kat umah sewa!!!

Roserina said...

nurul, all the best for your practicum! :) kenak banyak bersabar, ya... hehe... ;)) pa-pa pun, all the best!!! :)

p/s: adam is really cute, btw! :) glad that he's making progress :)

Nurul Razak said...

miss havoc: makseh..insyaAllahh dipermudah urusan..hee

kak ina: yalah..makseh..doakan kmk org semua survive..hehe

Adda 1104 said...

Assalamualaikum. Saya student yang bakal praktikum dekat SMK DATUK BENDAHARA, boleh tak saya nak dapatkan no.telefon tuan rumah sewa?
Sekian, terima kasih.

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