Thursday, April 22, 2010

He's not my son but he's like one~

Educational technology paper today was a pain in the ass. I dont know was it because of me or the paper. but 60% were the paper fault. Ambiguous sentences, ambiguous answer options. it was in bilingual; bm and English. when i couldn't understand the question in bm, i read in English and vice versa. the funny part is that some of the instructions in BM didn't match the one in English. Whatta.??!!

What ever..i dont have much hope for this paper anyway since i didnt really read the notes.haha worried too much of Adam.

This morning my brother smsed me. Adam might be hospitalised till Sunday. he poops 12 times yesterday. Poor little hero.

he's lost his boyot cheek =(

Adam is not my son. i am yet to be married.haha..he's my nephew. but because i took care of him for a week last Disember, i love him like my own son..*bluekkk*.. pukey statement but's true. i wish there's something i can do to help him. i am willing to do anything. anything~


sword said...

semoga adam cepat sembuh..amin..

DauS said...

lepas dia sihat kang leh boyotkan balik.. :D

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