Friday, April 16, 2010

English is important la people~

i am not here for trouble. But just want to share some thoughts~

I went blog walking today till i stumbled upon this particular blog. This blog is in Malay language. the blog owner was criticizing about learning English. She said that English is not important. I shook my head for this person's ignorance.

I know the importance of upholding our mother tongue is important. Because, language is the first thing that describes your identity. But if English can help a nation to advance, why not?

This person's judgment is she said that even Japan and Korea can be one of the developed country nowadays without English. It's true. But did you know that Japan and Korea are struggling to improve their citizen level of English right now? They are importing more English teachers from outside the country to help with their English. Plus, the reason they did not need English in the 1st place is that they have the technology, knowledge and man power to make their countries to stand where they are today.

But do we, Malaysians have all of that?? We have but very limited. We still have to import the knowledge from those countries and the Western particularly. And are those knowledge in Bahasa Melayu? I am afraid not. They are in English dudes!

I know for a fact that some close minded Malays said that English is the language of the colonizer. But who cares if the language itself can help our country to stand tall with other countries in the world? 

Our universities have all the English book translated into Malay. and you know how much it costs? and it takes from the taxes that we pay! What if the money is used to educate our children with English? better i guess because we dont have to spend more to educate our people in English okay!

I am a bit emotional. I am going to be an English teacher. I dont want my students to have this ignorance mentality about learning English. No one can deny that you can improve yourself without English. But it will be restricted within Malaysia only. 

Oh by the way, i got A for all my Bahasa Melayu paper since primary school. Learning English is not at all jeopardizing my identity. Thank you!

p/s who cares if you speak rojak english? at least you can converse aite?


Linglung said...

betol..belajar la apa2 pun..buat la apa2 pun..cakap la apa2 pun..yang penting hati kena baik, buat keje kena serius..peace!!

Dewi Hiu bt. Iskandar Hiu said...

u're indeed very emotional! kekekekeke... tp at least leh rationalize those things... kes tok nang selalu ada... especially part eng is the colonizer lg ya... lawakkkkk.... soooo? what if daknya try to colonize us once again? *mintak jauh* nya tauk mok polah apa? gney? keluar pedang n parang? jgn lupak... kita merdeka tanpa tumpahnya darah walau setitik... semuanya hanya di meja runding... sidak diskus key english bah... advantage of learning eng... n yes! mek dpt A utk bm... thank u... (alu emo juak) kekekekekekke

IffaRazak said...

Well said! :)

Anonymous said...


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