Monday, September 16, 2013

Abdul Muhaimin

My baby's name is Abdul Muhaimin. And this is a post about how we got the name.

The story started years back when his daddy and mommy had just started dating. One of the first few topics we talked about was what to name our babies. Ok we were barely 18 years old that time, nampak tak kegatalan nak kawen di waktu itu?hahaha

His daddy loves the name Muhaimin.

9 years later, Muhaimin was born. So we name him Abdul Muhaimin.

Muhaimin is one of Allah's names. I learnt somewhere that if we want to name our children using the God's name, we have to put 'Abdul' first. Abdul means servant. Because no human being can match up to the Almighty.

All in, Abdul Muhaimin means 'servant of the protector'.

I know the name isnt as fancy as other babies names but I love it. Simple, classic and very meaningful.hehe He is going to be our my protector, a good brother to his younger siblings and insyaAllah a good servant and protect his deen.

Sometimes I call him Hero.hehe You will forever be Mommy's hero. Love you!
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