Thursday, September 26, 2013


The other day, B and I got 2hours away to buy things for mommy. We left Muhaimin with my mom. It felt soooo good to be away for a while but in the second hour we were already worried about the baby and rushed home =__=. Anyhoo, we spent the 2 hours buying stuffs and had impromptu meals to celebrate our 9th anniversary.

Usual us, the so called special dining had no proper picture. Why are we soooo lazy to take photo? =__=. B took 3 pictures using his phone and I only took 1. Anyhoo, they are not worth sharing.

But, this one I wanna show la. Coz something catched me eyes. Ready?

Will never eat Secret Recipe spaghetti meatballs, ever again!

oh ok, back to this 'interesting' thing i wanna share.

 i have eyebags. heyugge ones.hahaha

ok bai!
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