Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 14

I have lost count on the date and day since I gave birth. I only count how many days have passed since Muhaimin's arrival. Like today, I was surprised coz Mom came home early. Ignorant that today is Friday =__='

Anyhoo, 14 days had passed. I am becoming more me now. Not so emotional like daysssss before. Not so stress. SOmetimes only.

Muhaimin's umbilical cord finally bid goodbye today. It was a heyuuuugeeee relief for me. Seriously.

And his jaundice reading is better. Today is at 6.8. Doc start below 5 is the best but since he shows good progress, no need to go for daily check up anymore. Yeayy!! Penat hokeh ulang alik klinik hari2 dgn perut sakit.muehehehe

B will fly home at the end of this month. Dont worry about us here B. We are doing super fine =)

Lastly, Muhaimin, day 14 =)

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