Friday, September 27, 2013

Milk Booster Agents

Day 35 (yiihuuu) and Minmin still refuses direct feeding. I kinda accept this fate (wahh fate gitteww) at least he's still getting the milk just via bottle. As people say pumping will eventually decrease the supply (which I doubt), I've been doing research on food that could boost the production. So today, for all mommies out there, here are the food that I myself have tried and proven success to ensure supply.hehe

1. Shaklee Alfalfa
I take this 3 times  a day (two at one serving). Initially, I tried the trial package for a month. It definitely brings more milk but just adequate for a day consumption. Placed my order here in case you are interested.

2. Sawi
I hated sawi and would put it aside if they were in the meal. But for my baby, I eat sawi like a goat now. Funny coz I have started to like it. Only when it made into soup.

 I know there are many types of sawi. I'm not sure myself coz my mom and umi cooked them for me.hehe

3. Carrot
Not a fan but I eat carrot like a rabbit. Anything for my baby. Dunno what else to say bout carrot.hahaha usually Umi would serve it raw with a dash of cheese. sedap ooo makan panas2.

You all know carrot so no need picture la.haha

4. and recently, fenugreek (halba)
Those mat saleh mommies take fenugreek to boost their supply. So I googled for this and found out many mommies claimed it worked. I started taking this 2 days ago and I notice there's an increase in the supply. Usually I could get 4-5oz in 1 pumping session. Now i could get  up to 7oz. Not bad huh? You can buy ready made pills available in the market but quite pricey. I was scared it wouldnt work for me so I googled more and found this god-bless mommy who shared her tips for home made fenugreek pills. I spent RM1.70 for a pack of fenugreek bought from Tesco instead of RM60 for a bottle of pills.muehehehehe

I didnt make mine into pills coz very lazy to find the gelatin casing so I blended it and put into a tupperware. At first I mix 1 teaspoon with hot water and drank. but the taste..... so now i just shove 1tsp into my mouth and run it with water fast fast.hahaha Anyhoo, it works for me!

I never knew fenugreek exists before.haha nampak sangat tak masak =p

Anyhoo, I hope this post could help some mommies out there. This is one of the efforts to increase the supply and result may vary. =)

Tunggang langgang post aku ni. Lantakla.hehe asalkan mesej sampai
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