Monday, September 9, 2013

Birth Story #1

 I think I should write about my experience delivering my first baby. FOr future reference. hehe and also for Ieer who has been asking about this =p

I was hoping to have a cool chronology of my birth story. However, since mine was C-sec surgery, not so interesting la. It's like 'pop' voila! a baby is here!haha I think I overused the word 'pop out' through out my pregnancy, in the end I almost literally pop out my baby.hehehe Continue reading if you are still interested =). 

23 August 2013

3.30pm in the doc's room. I was there for a weekly check up. Scan showed my amniotic level was at an unhealthy level so Dr. Ishaireen decided it's time for the baby to pop out. She said I could try for normal delivery but there were risks where the baby might refuse to come out. Mainly because:
1. He wasnt engaged at the time and was too far from the cervix opening.
2. It's my first born, so it's gonna be more difficult.
3. The baby's size is big.

So Dr. Ishaireen decided a C-sec would be a better choice. She wanted to have the surgery that afternoon but I asked to hold on so that B could fly home. Cut story short, I was admitted right away so she could monitor me and Muhaimin. First time experience sleeping in a hospital ward.

 Before admitted, here in labor room for CTG test.

 Last picture of le big belly. Since no one was around to help take pic, so a selfie it is.haha

24 August 2013

5 am - Nurse came to check my blood pressure. They came every one hour through out the night. Then the nurse inserted poop bomb into my eoeo and less than 5seconds, I was eoeo-ing in the toilet.haha then took a shower.

6 am - Nurse came again to monitor baby's heartbeat. CTG test they call it. Normal reading. Baby was still able to swim in an almost deserted womb.hahah

7am - B and Mom arrived. Changed into surgery gown. Nurse came and gave me sleeping pill and dunno what pills to swallow. My anesthetist prescribed the sleeping pill to calm me through out the  surgery. dunno why he felt i needed that. later, was Feeling dizzy and super high.

7.25am - transferred to another bed. Kissed mom and B's hand (shy to kiss him hahaha) and asked for their prayers and forgiveness.

7.30 am - pushed into the operation theatre. I was high and felt soooo calm. I was first asked to sit up right and hug a pillow then i felt a tinge of pain on my back.lying on the table, the nurses had all kinds of wires on both arms. then I felt they piled clothes on my body and left an opening around my belly. Then they put another cloth covering my view to my belly. Tried to search for any reflection on the lights above but fail.few minutes later I heard Dr. Ishaireen's voice. Bubbly as always, she asked how do i feel.told her I feel 'high'. haha she told me to relax and enjoyyyy. Next, she asked whether I could lift my legs or do i feel any pain on the legs. I said no. Then I knew she had started rummaging my belly. Again I was high and my mind was blank.not sure what to do. I almost felt asleep when my stomach felt like it was pumped by somebody. The crew was trying to push Muhaimin out. I experienced no pain but very uncomfortable. macam rasa diorang tekan2 bahagian atas perut to push the baby out. I remembered telling the nurse 'sakit, sakit' but i dont think it's painful la.just dunno how to describe it.haha

7.53 am - heard a loud and high pitch cry. the cry was very distinct, not usual newborn cry i heard on tv. he shrilled then stopped then shrilled again.hahaha I recalled smiling and told myself 'ouu that's my baby' then started to fell asleep. Not sure how long I slept but a nurse nudge me and brought Muhaimin's face close to me. oh at the time, the doctor was busy sewing me up! I nodded and called out his name.then the nurse turned him and showed me his 'ball'.hahaha she later asked me 'a boy or a girl?' pfffttttt~ 

The doctor took about 45 minutes to close me. 7 layers of skin, whaddaya expect?

Ouu Muhaimin's up. Will continue later!

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