Saturday, September 21, 2013

Where My Phone At??

Day 29.

I think for 29 days some people got so frustrated with me. hehe

Why the because?

They couldnt get me to answer their calls or messages.

I know I know...I read all the messages but sometimes I didnt have the time to reply on the spot.

Did you know, that on daily basis I dont know where my phone at?

And the fact that it has been on silent mode since I got home from the hospital made this situation worst?

There were days when I got to hold my phone at night only.or when suddenly i remembered I have a husband who might already nerve-wrecked worried he didnt hear anything from me.muehahaha

I know I know you'll got so frustrated but what can I do. Muhaimin is still at the crying stage even when he's super sleepy so my hands are full. I did read the messages but after reading it, I'd make mental reminder to reply them later which ended up forgetting for days or couldnt remember at all. So sue me ok?

And talking about calls, I received numerous missed calls not only from friends but from B, from MIL who could only call at certain time of days (sorry Mak..) from my Mom. So dont feel so special ok?

If you really miss me that much, contact me through FB ok. I check my FB every day.haha

Wadcha lookin at??? am the reason why mommy donno where her phone at. Got prob?
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