Friday, September 13, 2013

What to prepare to welcome a baby

I am still very new to this motherhood journey but a colleague asked the other day. What to prepare to welcome a baby. I thought hard for this and finally told her, just prepare as much as you can coz baby stuffs will never be enough. This is true for me coz 3 weeks after delivery, I still have stuffs I need to buy. Lucky we have online shopping nowadays! =p

I also did ask around when we wanted to start preparing. Most people would tell prepare the clothes first.Some said go for big or things that require more money first.Some said buy anything you see.haha

But lemme tell you, there's no tip that will fit you. Because your needs and your baby's needs are different.

For example, when we bought Muhaimin's clothes, some friends would say buy a few newborn sizes. Some said buy 3months and above sizes. I went for the latter coz I'm stingy liddat.hehe But, Allah has his own plan that Muhaimin came out not as small as other babies were. He fits the clothes we bought perfectly! In few months, am gonna hunt for bigger size clothes for Muhaimin.

Another example is about breastpumps. Many told me that I wont need the pump at least in the first month. I would be breastfed Muhaimin all the time that I wont need one pronto. Again, we could only plan, but sometimes I wont go our way. I still bought it a few weeks before I gave birth mainly coz it's kinda costly. So with the extra budget last month, I bought one.hehe My milk came 5 days after I deliver and because of that, Muhaimin refuses to be fed directly. He loves the bottle more than me =__='.So I have to pump every 2-3 hours and thanks to my overworked pump, Muhaimin gets to have world's greatest milk.

Thank you spectra. =)
But because I thought I would be breastfeed him I didnt prepare any bottle feeding stuffs. Can you imagine the chaotic situation the first few days after we left the hospital? Luckily, my cousins gave some bottles (thanks Anis and Kak GG) so that saved a lot. We didnt have the liquid to clean the bottle, no sterilizer, no warmer. It was very tiring and chaotic la..for me at least.haha Luckily, the hospital gave us a tin of Formula milk if not lagi mak stress~~

Some of the bottles. Feeding, breastpump bottle and milk storage. the other half are still waiting to be washed. Thanks to Kak GG oso for the bottle rack. Very very very useful.hehe

In conclusion, prepare what you can, and dont forget to budget. Babies dont need expensive stuffs. Muhaimin pooped and peed on the mattress (tho not so expensive) and his clothes many times already. ahahahaha
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