Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birth Story #2

so... where was I??

OH okay. The baby's out. It's time to close me. The doc and her crew were super professionals coz while closing me, they could joke and laugh around. I was still high but remembered talking to myself 'best jugak jadi doctor ni'.hahhaa

At 8.30 am, the operation went well. I was then rolled into another room for observation/waiting/dunno what la. But was in the room for some times. While in the room, I felt my right hand became hot and itchy. The nurses came and checked on me several times so at one of those times I told them about my hand. One of the nurses quickly called the anesthetist to check. He arrived quickly and asked how I felt around the area. My hand had become so swollen at that time. He thought it was the hand where they injected the drugs for the surgery but it wasnt. So garu kepala jugakla doc tu.haha Anyhoo, he said he will continue to monitor my condition and reminded me to update any weird things if any. Coz he knew I'm allergic to pain killer so takut jugok lerrr kan.

My big hand. but dont look so big here.
I fell asleep but not too long before I felt the bed was moving. The nurse told me I would be sent to the ward. Cut story short, with the world spun around me, I was in the observatory ward. I saw Mom and B a little later but couldnt make sense of what's happening. Then I fell asleep. Real sleep.hehe

I puked through out the day. I was so hungry but since I puked, no food was given. Very embarrass to tell this but for the sake of memories, lemme write it here. I cried and begged and sobbed like little girl for food to be brought to me.hahaha bila fikir2 balik serious malu gilerrr.mesti nurse kat situ dah gelak2.hahahahahaha

I starved close to 48hours before finally my doc let me sip half glass of milo.itupun sebab nurse kena call doc malam2 bgtau aku nangis2 nak makan. Ya Allah malunyaaaaaaaaaa .... I first met Baby Muhaimin later that afternoon. Was too weak to get up so B put the baby next to me. He was lying in my arm.hehe 


That's the story. Not so interesting la. except the part I cried for food. Drama sangat okeh!

Anyhoo, this is my first time giving birth. I have to admit, I'm a bit traumatised by the post-surgery pain till I told myself, maybe one is enough. But let's see till I fully recover. I love babies. Dont think one is enough.hehehehe

 First photo of Baby A. 

Abdul Muhaimin B. Saiful Fikri

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