Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A pang in the face

Today we had the first round of Ujian Tara in school today. Since I'm carrying a baggage, I am given only the MC job. As much as I appreciate the consideration, being an emcee means I stationed myself at the grandstand with the senior teachers. The younger know work on the field *cough...cough*... So I lepak-ed with the senior group today.

Their topics were different than what I usually had with my peers so most of the time I smiled, laughed or nodded.hehe So while talking, suddenly this kakak asked:

"Ain tak sedih ke suami dok jaoh?"

No one, ever has asked me that question, directly to my face. No one. So I didnt know how to react. So I cracked a small laughed. Maybe she realised the damage that she'd done, she withdrew and quickly changed the topic. Somehow I feel like she shouldnt have done that. She should have let me answer it because what happened after that my mind cant stop thinking of the answer. Even until now.

Of course everyone knows how I feel, not exactly but roughly. But still...haish...

Next month, we will hit our 1st year anniversary. Time flies huh? Not sure how we survived the distance.haha of course with tears, motivation and lotsa blog posts =p
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