Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby Stuffs

Now we've come to baby stuffs phase. Our original plan was to start shopping the stuffs after I enter the 3rd trimester. We really stuck to that plan till....2 days ago. B fetched me from work then we headed to Jusco Bandaraya for lunch. Actually the plan was to buy story books for dear baby.hehe Anyhoo, there was a small-scale expo there and as usual we started to survey the price, the items, the functions of all the alien stuffs we saw. and of course, the clothes.haha Since I was a little girl, I love to see baby in rompers. They look soooo cute and chubby and round! And rompers were on sale too! 3 for RM29. I dunno whether we got a good price but it came down from RM49 for 3. I hope we made good decision.huhu

We didnt know how many rompers would be enough for a baby (heck we dont know anything =___=') so we bought two packs. We also bought 2 books for Baby A, one animal stories from the Quran and bed time stories.hehe I loveeeeeeeee when Baby A kicks everytime B him read the stories. 

Yesterday, I had a scheduled check-up with Dr. Ishaireen. After that, we had some time to spare so we went to Yong Fong, a famous baby shop in Melaka that sells baby items for much cheaper. Again the intention was to survey ONLY!. I wanted to know the price for a bedding set so off we went. 

My criteria for a cot have always been this:
Must be WHITE, SOLID WOOD. I hope it can last long enough till the last baby I pop out.hehe When we were babies, Abah bought a cot that lasted till my youngest bro (they were 9 of us!!!) and then mom passed it to my auntie. =)

Once at the shop, we asked for a white baby cot (yeaaaa I've always wanted that cot with solid wood material). AND THEY HAVE IT! MUEHEHEHE Again as first time parents, it was easy to stray from the initial plan. We bought it okay tho I personally think it's still very early.huhu We bought the bedding set together with the mattress. The cot costed RM280 from it's original price RM399 (as told by the auntie). For me it's cheap because the one I saw in Jusco priced at RM400++. So without further ado, we bought it!

If you want to see how the cot looks like, visit Shakina's blog. Mine is exactly like hers =) It's still in the box and I dont think I will assemble it till labour day.huhu

I'm glad that we bought it because baby stuffs aint cheap yo! We cant wait at the last minute to buy everything coz lepas tu garuk kepala.haha

This is B, practising to hold Ayfa. haha everytime he held her he would ask 'Does she look comfy? Is it ok to hold her like this? Is she going to cry?

B is really working hard to prepare himself to be a good father. I know he will be an excellent one just as a single child, I know his frustration when he couldnt handle a baby. You will be one superb dad B!
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