Monday, April 22, 2013

Not So Good Day

I woke with a slight uneasiness in my stomach. I resumed morning routine as usual, got into the car then zoomed to school. On the way to school, I knew something was not right. I feel like a thousand needles were poking my stomach. I had the urge to throw up also. I messaged B, but continued driving to school. I should have turned back, gone home and slept.haha

I was not sure whether it was gastric, heartburn or food poisoning. But it was bad. I was sweating the whole time, and the needle pain didnt stop. I forced to puke but to no avail. When I went to see GPK to settle few stuffs, he noticed I looked pale. I explained to him and he asked me to go home. Funny enough, I refused. Soooo many things stopped me, class, meeting, MOM. So I stayed till evening, around 5pm.

Tabah tak?hahaha ok i have no point actually just wanna ngerepak.
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