Monday, April 8, 2013

Travel tips to Seoul, South Korea during winter for pregnant mommy

Wow, that's a very long and specific title.haha I want to share these tips to all pregnant mommies out there who are planning to visit cold place. I had some troubles when I was in Seoul because lack of preparation.hehe. Let's start!

1. Invest in a pair of good shoes. 
B bought me a pair of walking shoes which turned out to be super comfy as it supported the arch but I bought thick socks to pair hence made the shoes super tight. On the 3rd day we were there, B bought another pair for me coz I couldnt bear with the pain.hehe However, the shoes were too flat and it eventually killed my back.haha If I bought one size bigger for the walking shoes, my trip would be a breeze.

My so called Ugg Boot.Bought for 10k Won = RM30 jahhhh. hehe after my walking shoes killed my feet.hehe please check other pictures for the shoes

2. Pack lotsa food that cater to your appetite.
As a pregnant mommy in a cold place, I got hungry constantly. Thanks to my cousin Anis, I followed her advice and packed soooo many food from Malaysia. Biscuits, bread, canned food, sweets, instant noodles. Every morning B made sandwich packs for me to munch along the way.hehe thank you B! But no joke mommies, you'll get hungry super fast! Apart from that, be prepared for some of the local food that might suit your taste buds. I could eat the rice and the dishes but not the stew. it tasted weird.

Preparing sandwich packs before starting off the day  =)

3. Cold tolerance
We are the best person to know about ourselves. So, check how tolerant your body when you are in a cold place. I cant even sleep in an air-conditioned room. I get morning sinus almost every morning. Ergo, I made sure I wore 3 layers when I was walking around Seoul. The first layer was heattech or long john, then a long sleeve shirt then the winter jacket. then there was my scarf then a muffler and of course the gloves..hahaha the temperature wasnt that cold really (coz many Korean chicks wore mini skirt where as I looked like Kuih gulung.muahahaha) Why is this important? Cold weather gave me cramps and numbness. that's why. Dunno bout uols laa. But in case you miss all those things, you can find them for a cheaper price in Seoul. wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper. Like a good winter jacket priced around RM50 onleyhhhhhh!

Other Korean chicks dressed up in mini skirts. I looked like I was going to the Artic.haha 

4. Pack all the pills you can find
Apart from the vitamins, B made sure I pack all the necessary pills for traveling. I've had some bad moments when traveling like diarrhea, headaches, blocked nose, flu. So it's no harm to prepare for extra medications.hehe We asked my O&G about the pills that are suitable for pregnant mommy, so make sure you ask your caregiver as well. Just to make sure.hehe and also dont forget Koyok. All the walkings and runnings hurt my legs and feet pretty bad. My doctor said dont use any ointment but Koyok is fine. Koyok helped me through out the trip. Alhamdulillah

5. Bring a supportive husband.
 I guess this is the most important tip I could share. No joke ladies. With all the cramps, the constant hunger, headaches, backaches and what not, a very supportive husband will keep you going. They were times I gave up walking or just wanted to sulk and sit by the road side but my husband kept me going, waiting patiently while I sat and ate for a while. He never forced me to walk, constantly checking on me to make sure I didnt experience any weird pain. At night before we said good night, he would massage my feet and leg in any way he knew how to. And my back too. Every morning he woke up to prepare sandwich packs and biscuits and carried 2 bottle of drinking water to keep me hydrated..... B thank you so much... (tskkk...)

A short rest at the subway station. Penat!

Overall, the trip was fun. I got to experience cultural stuffs which I love so much, got to spend time with dear hubby and baby, got to be in a cold place for the first time in my life. Thank you Allah for making the journey memorable and a smooth one.

The 3 of us. Looking forward for another trip in the future =)
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