Saturday, April 13, 2013

Daddy Time

I flew in Bintulu last night. Melaka is having a public holiday on Monday so decided to come though this time with extra baggage to carry.haha I tot I would never come until I deliver the baby but oh well~~

I've told B to always talk to baby, so that he will know his father. We found it weird and funny to talk to a bulging stomach so I suggested for him to tell a story instead. That's what he did last night and this morning.

That's B reading a story for Baby A while his hand was on me belly. =))

By know I have noticed that Baby is usually very active from morning till afternoon. Late afternoon till night he is usually passive. But last night, when B was telling story, he somersaulted in my belly that even I was amazed.haha He's responding to his daddy!!!

I feel so much blessed with God's creation. I really do. Monday, please dont come. I dont wanna go back, yet ....


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