Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week 19

So here we go again on the pregnancy update, Week 19 (One more week and I'll hit half the mile stone hehe)

Terasa diri sgt bulat, so gambar kecik. Today I officially wore 'the uniform' =)

How far along? 19 weeks! yeay!
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a mango measuring about15-17cm long from crown to rump.
Weight gain? Before I went to Seoul, i was about 52kg. When I returned, still 52. means i did lose and gain some.hehe
Stretch marks? The skin around my waist has become super tight now. and damnnn itchy. You could spot me garu-ing anytime of the day.hahaha but no stretch yet.
Energy level? Still very tired from the trip. I feel sleepy most of the time.
Sleep? I can never lie on my back again. sobbssss if I do, baby will kick my back.haha I sleep most on my right side.
Maternity clothes? Fully T____T
Comfort level? Average. Comfort has become history in my life since I got pregnant. =)
Cravings? Weirdly after the trip, I have no lust for pasta anymore. Now looking for a new favourite.
Best moment of the week? Erm....*thinking hard*'s hard to say. Maybe now i can feel the baby somersault-ing frequently.
What I miss the most? Feeling sexy. Yeah it's true.

What I look forward to? Be happy and enjoy the journey.

Weekly Wisdom? Dont despise the boys too much else your baby will look like them.hahahaha

B is in Bintulu already. Came home to an empty room yesterday. He left the shirt he wore the night before, korean chocolate and Milky Soda. Allah, I miss him terribly...

Baby indeed makes relationship stronger. Before I got pregnant, I could bear (ok tipu) not seeing him often. But now we are searching for every reason to see each other more. I want this baby to know his daddy. I always forced B to talk to him.hahahaha
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