Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week21

I've become so lazy these days to ramble on blog. I have pending posts of my Korea trip, baby development, ngerepak mode.... I have so many things to say but in the end they all went into drafts @.@

Anyhoo, for this week update, Week 21 bebeh!

Taken a day before entering 21st week. Kira valid la kan?haha Black shirt can hide me belly no more T__T. Wore this on the day I flew back to Melaka.

How far along? 21 weeks! yeay! 
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a CARROT!! How come they equal it to a carrot?? So thin lehh.... Baby A is about 27cm long weighing at around 350gm..but his mommy gains 10kg already...T____T
Weight gain? In 2 weeks time, I gained 3kg... aaaaaaaaaaa I was 53kg in week 19, weighed meself during check up now 56++...aaaaa the nurse has warned to be careful or else.....hahaha
Stretch marks? No but all the blue veins have started to appear. Trust me, even I am scared to look at those blue veins..macam perut alien.haha
Energy level? Medium. I need to stop for a while when climbing stairs. If B was around, he had to push me to go up the stairs. It helps!
Sleep? Lacking. I now find that if I was too tired during the day, I couldnt sleep at night. Sore everywhere.
Maternity clothes? This week, a colleague gave me a maternity dress. Awwwww....I feel so much loved. Digressing..yea I'm on maternity clothes, fully at 5 months pregnant.
Comfort level? Average.
Cravings? I WANT BATHTUB! This is serious. I want to lay in there for hours with warm water.
Best moment of the week? Baby A martial art-ing a lot this week. I feel the connection.hehe

What I miss the most? My husband. He's coming home next week yeayyyyy!!! I have another check up next week so he's excited to see Baby A =))) sanggup balik tuuuuuu

What I look forward to? Baby A first cloth.heheheh

Weekly Wisdom? Embrace the journey.

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