Saturday, April 20, 2013

Being Pregnant

I never knew what were the things a pregnant mother had to face until I join the club. No wonder a mother is always the first on top of the list. Before, I;ve read/heard stories about morning sickness, heartburn, cramps, backache, headache, numbness, bloated, stretchmarks, down to all those scary complications. When now, God is giving me the chance to experience some of those symptoms only can I understand how hard it is to carry a growing living in your stomach.

Apart from a low HB (lack of red blood cells), I'm pretty much healthy and active and slightly emotional (ok you cant discard that..haha). But I do experience all the other normal symptoms like backache, heartburn and cramps. There are no cure for those except to embrace them and be positive. And surround yourself with people who understand your situation. No wonder a pregnant woman usually sticks with other pregnant mommies or mommies because these people understand. 

For me, it's ok to complain once in a while about backache, cramps because these are discomforts situation. Just like when I wasnt pregnant, I did complain about headache. Only this time, a few would lash back saying 

"Be thankful that you are pregnant, you should not complain"

"Some people would die to be in your place bla bla bla"

Did I hurt anyone when I talked about my cramps? or headache?
I'm really truly sorry if I do. Not my least intention to do so.

I want a child of my own and never realised talking about the symptoms would imply that i DONT WANT a baby. Duh~~~~ Lemme make this loud and clear

"I'm no Christina Yang but a Meredith Grey when it comes to baby"

How can I not want a baby liddis? How can anyone not wanting this?hehe

Ayfa Maklang pinjam gambar eh. =))))

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