Friday, April 5, 2013

Super Lazy

I notice that I've become super lazy these days. Super extremely lazy. When it comes to school work, the only thing that kept me going was God. The 'amanah' I carry force me to make sure my work's done. Every morning I woke up late, making just enough time to shower, pray and get ready to school. I dont iron my work clothes anymore. I choose something that need no ironing. When it comes to make up, I just make sure I dont look like Kak Limah. Hb low means I do look pale. So I cover with a thin layer of face powder and a quick drawing of eye liner.

Why cant I be like Vivy? *sigh*

Sometimes I feel kesian for B coz he had to walk along side with this bulky messy lady. Unable to wear wedges or anything higher than 1 inch, I feel even worst. haishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Dunno how Kim K can walk in 4 inches stilettos. 

Dont be fooled with the flawless skin. The camera we bought somehow edit the face to make us look flawless. i had huge eye bags, dark patches on the cheek (could be due to hormones) and scars. My make-up free face. 

Why oh why? 

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