Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not my day

Today.... is just...not my day. Few incidences made my blood goes upstairs.hahaha

1. We had fire drill today. It was supposed to be around 8.30 am so I postponed my breakfast time few times because I didnt want to be running while eating. The firefighter team came around 10.20am. I was freaking hungry. Hungry me grumpy me.

2. My form 6 classes are at the top floor of a 3 storey building. Since the students have sit for their MUET last month, usually other subject teachers would request to take my periods. There's this one lady teacher who loves to enter the classes during my period but seldom told me. So today, I received no request so I assumed that no one wanted the periods. My periods were the last 2 before school ended and we had a staff meeting. So I brought all my stuff i.e. laptop, bags, food, water bottle and books to the class. Climbed till top floor and bumped into my student. She told me the teacher was in the class, taking my period. With back ache and belly ache, I really wanted to rush in and punch her in the face. Really I do!

3. In the staff meeting, as usual boss loves to condemn the teacher and blame the teacher for all the bad results. fine. It's demotivating when you have to listen to same drill over and over again. Why dont you go and teach and see how the boys behave?

4. We were assigned roles for the upcoming sports bla bla bla...i was fine but then I noticed something. So far I've been serving the school without complaining about any task given to me. But this particular task....i feel like.. c'mon..... I would be 6 months pregnant by the time the event started and you still want me to stay in school till 6pm? like...... kenapa colleague yg suka mengelat selalu tak dapat apa2 kerja?? cant you just let me off this year?? benci!

I am emotional, i know and fully aware. Blame me or the hormones or anything. I just dont feel good today.

The only thing that made my day is PHD had a promo where regular size pizza cost only RM8 so I bought 2. and the fact that tomorrow night Baby A gets to listen to his daddy's voice =)))))))))))))

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