Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beta Thalassaemia Trait

Yesterday, the nurse from Klinik Desa in my village called and told me she had set up an appointment with a doctor at a gov clinic in Masjid Tanah. At this stage of waiting game, I was super lazy to go but still, I went coz B was around.hehe

Good thing I went coz finally my blood test result was ready.

I did one blood test in March and now in August I finally got to see it. Lama giler!

The result confirmed that I have Beta Thalassaemia Trait. What's that?

  • Beta thalassemia affects the hemoglobin in the red blood cells.
  • All red blood cells contain hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body. People with beta thalassemia do not make enough hemoglobin.
  • People with beta thalassemia trait have both normal hemoglobin A and the abnormal beta thalassemia (β) hemoglobin in their red blood cells.
  • Beta thalassemia is common in people of African, Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern descent.
People with beta thalassemia trait do not have Beta Thalassemia disease or sickle cell disease. They cannot develop these diseases later in life. They can pass beta thalassemia trait to their children.

Well, that kinda explain my forever low HB reading. haha I was not surprised to know the result though because my cousin had a son with thalassaemia major. It runs in our blood. It's just that the result was kinda late after I consumed too many things that even to think about them make me nauseous =__='

Buttttt! Because of that the doc has ordered B to do some blood test today to make sure he's not a carrier like me.hahaha I hope he's not coz if he is.....our know....

It's true what people said. You get to know yourself better when you are pregnant.haha
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