Thursday, August 22, 2013


I know I have blog followers when a few messaged to check whether I have delivered my baby or not.haha

I have nothing to update, hence the not so long silence. I dont want to bore you people with the same story over and over again. I'm on leave, at home, itch everywhere, no one to talk to, and huge.

Nothing much to upload. If B was here, we could have gone places. Since he's not, I'm stuck at home.

Today I went for another check up here at my village. This time the nurse confirmed that the baby is 100% engaged. I guess baby is very reluctant to pop. I am partly to be blamed. You see, when I have nothing to do, all I can think about is what food to eat. I had list of food I wanted to eat before I pop and I've eaten all on the list. Once the list's done, my mind keep wanting more. and some are the same ones I had last week.

I think Baby A has figured that if he pops early, all he can taste is milk for at least 6 months. If he stays in, he can eat everything that I eat.hahah

No wonder he's so big now.

Ooops, mommy's fault.

Anyhoo, have another appointment and hopefully the last with my O&G tomorrow. She's gonna do VE *shiver* and she'll advice based on the inspection. Since I'm carrying a big baby, she's not gonna wait too long for the baby to pop.

Let's pray for the best =)

I really really really really really want this. B before we go to Bintulu, let's have this first ok?

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