Friday, August 30, 2013

The Waiting is Over

Alhamdulillah I have finally delivered a handful handsome baby boy.

on 24th August 2013
 at 7.53am.
51cm long

He came without warning.

Heck, he didnt even want to come out yet. But my womb wanted him no more.hahaha

My amniotic liquid was at a dangerous level so my doc wanted to do a C-sec right away. But I asked for a delay coz wanna my hubby to be there la opkos kannnn.

She checked my opening and he didnt even engage at the right spot at the time (why were the nurses kept telling me he already did???)

Even if I opted to be induced, the chances were slim because he's far from the end of the tunnel.and also....he's big!!! scan showed 3.6kg but he came out weighing at 3.7kg!!!. apalagi  kasi potong!

 Anyhoo, everything went fine.I was admitted on the same day and had a surgery first thing the next morning.

In 20 minutes, I heard the loudest scream (for a baby boy...hahaha) and knew the joy had arrived.

The loves of my life. Till Jannah InsyaAllah =)

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