Thursday, August 15, 2013

Itchy Belly

I have talked about how itchy my belly was since few months ago.

Little did I know the worst was yet to come.

And the worst arrived about 4 days ago. It started with a normal itch below my belly button. I rubbed gently but then it wasnt enough.

Slowly, the mild itchiness escalated to super itch to extreme itch. Driving me INSANE! No, I'm not exaggerating. The itchiness was unbearable at times that you could see me jumping up and down while scratching, woken up suddenly in the middle of the night and scratched or just cried like a little girl. It's super bad. Super bad that I dont care if my belly gonna be ugly in the future. T___T

The super crazy itch would last up to 1 minute and after one minute of scratching, the needle pain came. Super pedih that would last for the whole day. And usually, usually would be complemented with tears.

My belly, already 80% covered with stripes now looking super reddish due to constant scratching and rashes.I have applied everything that I thought would be safe for the baby. I showered. I stood in front of a table fan just to cool off the rashes. I stop eating seafood except for fish...Some did work, some...

I went for another check-up today with Dr. Ishaireen. She said my belly condition is quite severe but it's normal among some moms. She said this could be due to my body rejecting the hormones but she said at least I'm at my final stage now so the torment wont be long. If the baby decides to stick in longer, I have another 12 days to.........cry endure. Haha

Anyhoo, I'm not complaining but documenting this part of my journey. God has given me a smooth pregnancy journey but He is testing me in the last 2 and half week maybe less of the journey with this itch. What's important is my baby is safe. But mommy is sorry if you feel a lil discomfort due to mommy scratching like a mad woman.hahahaha

 This will be my mantra till the itchiness stops =)
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