Friday, August 16, 2013


One thing I learn in life:

Only we can truly understand our own struggle. So dont butthurt when others dont and just walk away.

No matter how much you hate and keep whining about people dont understand your situation, save your time because they actually dont. I dont understand your struggle too. So I dont expect you to understand mine. Yess it hurts sometimes but what can we do? Be angry? Be cynical?

No one understands when I told them how itchy my belly is. All they said is 'jangan garu, jangan garu'. I can't. Coz it's freakin' itchy!

ok takde kaitan.miahahahah

Be thankful that we have to struggle coz without struggling, you wont find your strength. At least now I know how much I can tolerate the pain after I scratch my belly.hahaha

ok lagi sekali takde kaitan =p
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