Monday, August 19, 2013


#This is another post to document the last stage of my pregnancy. Not to whine.

Last night I was awaken by extreme itchiness around my belly and my ankles at 2am. I started to ease the itch by scratching mildly. Wrong move because it then escalated. I scratched and scratched the belly as if it was a ball with nothing inside. Few minutes later, I was in pain.

Then the itchiness started around my ankles. This time I rubbed softly but hormones or for what ever reason had escalated the level. So I had to scratched. Even thought of using fork as the tool. But I didnt cry though. haha heyuggee achievement.

I went to the toilet and wash my belly and both leg with warm water. That eased the discomfort. Returned to the room, applied stretchmarks cream on le belly and medicated powder on the legs. Worked for about 10minutes only and I started scratching again. So I repeated the same process till 3 times and before I knew, the clock was striking 4.30am.

So I tried to google whyyyyyy yisdishappeningtome and most common result by playing Google Doctor is it might be related to the liver and pregnancy hormones. It will go away once the baby is born. aaaaaaaaaaaaa..... So for next check up am gonna ask the Doc and confirm what could be the culprit.

Anyhoo, I managed to return back to bed after at 5am, woke up at 6.30am for Subuh (tho am not sure I recited the prayer correctly or not) and went to bed and woke up at 9am coz baby was hungry.

I feel very tired now but I want to wait till Zohor to sleep. Super headache and quite moody osolaaaa...

I wanna put a picture to illustrate my ankles but then I feel 'yucks'. You guys might be eating while reading this so I cancel la hoh. Just picture swollen ankles with red patches and scars.haha

Mommy is super ready to pop now. Baby when are you? hehe Emos kan macam nak berkampung kat hospital??haha this is what happen if you leave almost 1hour drive from the hospital. You sked that you might leave something important at home.

p/s I've been told that I complained too much. I'm sorry if you feel that way. I thought I was just expressing what ever I was feeling at that time. It's just like how you complain when the works pile up, or when you are tired of walking. Only my condition is I'm pregnant. God knows how much I love my baby and I wouldnt trade him for anything. Just sometimes, I expressed how I feel and never knew it would be so sensitive to some people. How my comments had implied that how 'tidak bersyukur' I am with this gift. I'm really sorry. 

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