Sunday, August 4, 2013

Last Day of School for 2013...

...only for me!me!me!

Alhamdulillah, I have survived this year's schooling period. Now I'm taking a long leave to rest my mind (giiiituuuhhhhh) and spend as much time as possible with Baby A and le hubs. InsyaAllah =)

Anyhoo, Friday was a short day. We had Majlis Khatam Quran so I got to meet most colleagues to apologize and ask for their prayers.hehe But didnt get to see the non-academic staffs thou. Was rushing back to go for check up.huhu

Anyhoo, the sweetest thanggg was when my Form 6 students surprised me. They called one teacher and that teacher told me the kids wanted to see me for the last time. (They are Upper 6 students so wont see them anymore). They wanted to meet in class =___=. Their class was on the top floor of a 3storey building. Nehmind la...last trip before I pop.hehe

I was panting and sweating when I arrrived and was welcomed with congratulatory shouts and screams from the kids. Teacher almost cried! They collected money and bought a baby hamper to give to me.

I no like attention so I was very shy surrounded by 33 kids.hehe But deep in my heart I was so touched.

We took pictures, I gave a short speech (these were my first real group of students) so my emotional attachment was quite strong.huhu They thanked me, I thanked them and wished them good luck for STPM. Such good kids they were. And the fact that they all made effort to come on the last day of school including this one boy who was forever MIA but was there just to see me. Sobs sobs!

Excited Mak Buyong  =___=

Mak Buyong wiz all the slimzz gurlssss...

 Ze boyzzz

I will definitely miss all of you...

Thank you for being my students. Thanks for giving me tips on how to handle students. I was too lenient with all of you and I learnt my lesson well.haha the lower 6 group has no chance like you all.

Wonderful 2013.

See you in 2014!!!!
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