Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Checked my pregnancy ticker just now. 10 days before expected due date. Till now, still no sign of labor. No weird pain, no bleeding, no water breakage. Baby is still active as normal, appetite still big but weight gain has slowed down.

Yesterday, Wani the pregnant colleague messaged me. She was in labor and was warded. She went for regular check up and she was already 3cm dilated. She is supposed to be a week later than me. uwaaaa

Terus nak merajuk kejap ngan baby.hahaha but I know he's super cozy inside that he doesnt want to come out. Right baby? Stay as long as you want ok but dont eat too much.

Last check up with Dr Ishaireen showed that Baby A is already 3.6kg. aaaaaaaaaa he was 3.1kg 2 weeks ago. Mommy ate too much isit during raya? =___= The thing about baby's expected weight is you have to add or minus 500g from the estimation. So Baby A could be 4kg ++ when he is out or 500g lighter. I hope for the latter. *gulp*

B and I are small. Berkerut jugakla dahi Dr Ishaireen when the machine showed Baby's A estimated weight. B's family also are mostly small built, my mom's side also small. Mesti dapat gene from my Abah's side.haha and I have no gestational diabetes in case you are wondering =)

Next week, if I'm still not in labor Dr Ishaireen is gonna shove into my hoo haa (vaginal examination). From what I heard, it's going to be a bit painful *sweat*. She wants to check whether I can do normal delivery or not because my baby is quite big for my size. If there's no sign of labor on 27/8/2013, Doc is gonna induce me the next day. She doesnt want to take the risk to wait till 7 days after EDD because my baby grows like a champion haha. Usually Doc will wait 7 days after EDD to induce but me no mommy cant wait.

So baby, we want normal delivery right? Come out soon so you wont sulk when the drug force you to come out. And give at least 24hours notice before arrival so Daddy can hop on a plane and be here at the right time.

Slept in the guest room last night because the aircond in my room is leaking. Plus, suddenly I hate my room. Too cluttered with baby and mommy stuffs.

Actually I hate sleeping there coz B has gone back to Bintulu. =(
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