Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Air Asia Free Seats Promo!

2 days ago I received an email from Air Asia that some promo was on its way. True to my instinct, it was the free seats promotion baby!!!! I made it such a big fuss in the family because free seat whatttt, where the price for a ticket can be super cheap. Yess I'm talking about the ticket to 'angkut' the whole family to Sibu, for my wedding reception there =D

Literally last night, B and I felt like we were going for a war, with all the details on our sides waiting for the clock to strike midnight. I was really nervous, waiting for the page to refresh to show me the number I wanted. Hahahah I even sweat ok! Why I was that emo? Becauseeeeeeeeeeee normal price to Sibu one way per pax is RM208 without luggage/food/ tax included. I have how many to carry over there? See? Pengsan I tell you!.

BUtttttttttttttttttttt even with the promo, the fare to Sibu remain the same *shattered glass*. Maybe because it is during school holiday. I almost lost hope. Even shed tears a bit. A bit only la. I'm jobless and lady luck seems to hate me. haha It was almost 1AM already and mom was asleep. I woke her up to tell her the bad news and went to bed. I called B, he was disappointed as well. However, both of us noticed that the fare to Kuching, Miri and Bintulu start at RM10. How come Sibu so expensive one???? So we thought about making connecting flight from kuc to sibu bla bla bla and off we went to sleep.

I woke up at 5am this morning just to find for miracle. Honestly at this point, I was losing hope. But God has many great ways that I can never guess. My second bro sent me a message into my FB saying that he will fly to Miri first with his family for jalan jalan. then he'll fly to Kuching. So I told mom the idea why dont we stop over at Kuching for few days then proceed to Sibu? Mom was reluctant at first but if you know me, I can be very persuasive when I'm desperate.hahahah She finally agreed and without further ado, I booked the tickets.

Here's the summary of our journey. Cewahhhh!!

31st May 2012
From Kul - Kuc. Spend 2 nights in Kuching.

2nd Jun 2012
Kuc -  Sibu. Spend another 2 nights there.

4th June 2012 (My birthday by the way =D )
Sibu - Kuc - 1st flight in the morning.
Kuc - KL -  yet to be booked. Confident much?

Anyhoo, I wont be going back with them. Staying with the in-laws. 

I'm super happy right now despite the bad news regarding our posting. I just couldnt care less about the news right now because my biggest concern for the wedding can be ticked off the list. Phew!!

Now I'm at peace. Really because my concern has always been about flight tickets. Now I dont care about dresses, dais, veils etc. I just want to be married. Ok gatal much?

Another thing that's making me soo happy is that the grand total of the flight ticket is not even half of my budget. Annnnndddd we get to jalan-jalan at Kuching since my sisters in law have never been to Sarawak. 

Ok Nurul you can shut up now!

Thank you to Mom who's willing to support half of the budget and B for letting me 'borrow' your credit card. Dah bayar ok!!  =p


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