Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Convocation Day =)

Let the pictures do the talking. I'm still exhausted.

miahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha. Kak GG, this pose ok? hahaha

Peeps on my left.

On the right.

Spot mehhhh. I love the fact that I smiled in all the pictures, which means I was genuinely happy yesterday. Oh this one was taken by Abah from his seat. =)

Abah forced us to pose behind the tree =.='

Yeay I got 4 bouquets of flowers!!!!!


From the screen

Abah didnt smile for the camera. But because of the balloon. He tried to make fun of me. Ciss!

The reason for this picture is I was making 360' turn looking for the balloon. I tot I lost it when the rest laughed at me. The thread tersangkut at one of the flowers. ish~

Mi familia =)

Ehem. ehem..

But I lost sight of my friends and didnt get to take group pictures with them. And no pose baling topi konvo too =(

But but apart from that, I was soooooo happy yesterday. In fact the happiest in this few months. After all the mumbo jumbo, we went to Fariz for makan-makan. B blended well with my family, my family treated him well too. Annnnddddd the best part is my parents addressed themselves as 'Mak' , 'Abah' and 'Umi' when they spoke to him. miahahahahahahah

Ok bye !

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