Saturday, September 24, 2011

I thought Astro Beyond was perfect

Few days ago, there was a heavy downpour in our village. Heavy rain completed with thunder and lightning that we had to switch off the modem as we've had experiences of the modem got struck by lightning, twice!! (phew, what a complex sentence there.haha). Anyhoo, i remembered at that exact moment I told my Abah how perfect Astro signal was because we could watch the show without a single hiccup. With old Astro a single fat cloud standing in the way could make you miss your favourite show.

Then today, was a bright shiny humid day with no hint of rain. I was sitting on the couch reading a magazine with the TV on. Suddenly I noticed from the corner of my eyes the screen turned blue. There it was (refer to the picture).

I find it intriguing hence the pointless post of the day.

How's your weekend?:-)
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Sue Andy's said...

aok rol. our byond nang brapa kali knak interrupt ngan sattelite problem mcm ya. tensen mak. the worst is sikda ujan ribut petir pn haha. :D

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