Monday, September 26, 2011

Spelling errors

I love my phone. It allows me to update my blog anytime provided i can find free wireless anywhere. Yeaaa i'm yet to subscribe to internet package,waiting till i get a job.haha

Anyhoo, the downside of the convenience is that spelling errors are unavoidable. Most of the time I didnt notice then till i log in using laptop, which has bigger viewing pleasure.

So pardon me lovelies because is not that i dunno how to spell, but the blindspot of my eyes =D.

P/s i have proof read my thesis thousands of time and still when it was sent to my super, many typos were detected.

Reminiscing the time I went crazy with the write ups reading juniors whining on FB about finding topics bla bla. Aahhh great times back then.
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sword said...

small matter for typing error.. but big mistake if dun know hox 2 spell my name.hahahaha

sword said...

see i did my mistake.. ^hox^actually is how i want type.hahaha people always make mistake

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