Saturday, September 3, 2011

Derhaka dengan Facebook.

I'm mostly on Twitter now, hence the lack of updates on FB. Nobody cares about me anyway. Main reason is, most of my cousins are on Twitter. No wonder la everyone seems quite on FB =D. I can get quick updates through this genius invention and the latest news from newspapers, politicians, Oprah, The Kardashians (mampoo?) and what not la.hihi

Plus I feel safer with Twitter because I'm very strict when it comes to approving followers. Only family and close friends will be on my list.

Tee hee. Derhaka betul. Last time I derhaka-ed with Friendster. Now Facebook?

But I will always love you Blogger. You are my other half =p!


Nzyrahun said...

xpe aku pun macam tu gak hahaha,sebab kalau keep updating dekat facebook
ramai akan annoying mula lah mengumpat pasal kita ihihi

Nurul Razak said...

hehe agreed!

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