Saturday, September 24, 2011

victime or victimising?

Facebook is for all kinds of people including stalkers. This is a general knowledge known by all the users worldwide. And since Facebook has updated its new layout, privacy is almost impossible on Facebook.

That's why it's such an eyesore to read statuses like:

"aku ada kacau ko ke sibuk hal aku"

"eh biarlah aku togok arak kubur lain lain ko sebok asal"

"aku syg boipren aku sebb tu nak amik gmbr plok mcm nak bobok asal sebok?"

Because you did those publicly dumbasses!!!!!!! People can say what ever they want to say because you give them the chance to do so in the first place.

Ok emo.

But there's one good feature on facebook that i reaaaallly luvvv which is Subcribing. It allows you to choose how much you want to know about your friends' updates. It's totally different with the hide' function.

Well my point here is stop playing victim when some body is nosying in your life because the truth is you started it first.

Ok you can go butthurting now. Adios!
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