Monday, September 19, 2011

I will be one of the Orangers next week! =)

Last Saturday I went to get my convocation robe. Boy there was human flooding UKM, like literally with Wedding Reception at DTAMS, Bicycle tournament (maybe la) congesting the traffic and robes collection =D. I was there about 10am and gasped at the amount of people there.

Anyhoo, there were about 6 counters for collecting the souvenirs. I queued up at the farthest lane and it was the best choice since the lane moved faster.haha after collecting the bags for me and ambun, off i went to Teater Rimba room to collect the robes for Fpend graduates.

At the room, the guy refused to give me S size robe. I argued a bit and he simply said. "M is okay for you". Tetiba I terasa okay. tembam kah aku?hahahahhahahah

Then I bumped into Olivia and Visha. Sorry guys couldnt stay longer to chat coz mom is waiting in the car =)

I spent less than 45 minutes and I survived the crowd.

Lets cekidaut what I got.

Barely see the lanes.

Kad Pintar

2 passes for guests i.e. mak and abah

UKM Souvenir. A pashmina with UKM logo on it. I dont wear pashmina so still thinking what to do with this.

And lastly... TADAAAAAAAAA!!

My costume to be The Orangers!! =) Official color for Fpend.

Mom said: Terangnyerrrrrr jubah korang!! @.@

And after that, mom and I headed to Sogo and later to Ikea. I had wonderful trip with family. Ceh ayat macam karangan budak sekolah =D


Anonymous said...

wow ur selendang colour pink erk...mine purple..ur fav colour..hahaha...catch u next week..


Alex said...

Lol. Hillarious

Nurul Razak said...

visha: haha ambun's one is purple blue. maybe same as yours.

alex: what's so lolling? =p

Anonymous said...

i thought the selendang for gurls la..guys dapat benda ambun..

Nurul Razak said...

matila. i didnt know. but already give ambun's his kad pintar. clearly stated male.haha but he said he;ll give it to his mom. sure cold in dectar

Dewi Hiu bt. Iskandar Hiu said...

dapat pashmina! bez! mekorang dolok brooch korea jalan tar jah. :p haha. lawak eh. ambun pun dapat pashmina kaaaaaa???? hanyway, congrats in advance! pastikan mbak tpon n aik time dalam dewan ya. dat the biggest mistake kmk polah. bila dah keluar susah carik parent. n lamak nunggu lam dewan nun!!!! sampey kerin biber.

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