Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today I restored my old phone to its factory setting. But before I did that, I transferred all old photos, songs, video clips dated since 2008. I wanna share some of it here since these photos made me smile today =)

Taken in Saberkas, the day I bought the phone in Oct 2008.

A corpse of a cat, found in mom's rent house. The cat and her children died due to starvation. They got trapped in the store, thanks to the irresponsible tenant =(

The last dinner with B's family, the final night in Kuching before flew back to KL.

The last college annual dinner at Holiday Inn/ Crown Plaza in 2008. The theme color was Blue =)

Few days after swollen eyes incident.

The standing eggs. in 2009 at our hostel

Leen's house, 2009. A traditional Bidayuh dish. This one was yummeh!

Tune Hotel 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu. May, 2009 =)

Family trip to Cameron Highland, 2009.

B came for a visit in 2009. Midvalley KTM station. We went the opposite ways.

Malam Citra Tari. Me and the Kajaian dancers. August 2009

Me and Ieer, on ERL, heading to Putrajaya to meet Reddu, 2009

Lenore practice, Kajai Foyer, 2009. One Malaysia =D

First time Adam stayed with us at Lendu, end of 2009

Dunno when but this showed how much i've 'grown'. Look at those chubbies!!!!!

My hot Spanish lecturer, Senor Ladis. He's cool. 2010

Karaoke-ing at The Mines. 2010

My Isu-isu kekeluargaan lecturer. 2010

These were the bags that I regretted for not buying. Should've trust my instinct ='( early 2010

This was a Ikha, a newborn. February 2010.  She was really really small since she came out at 8 months of pregnancy.

I almost got crush by this heyuuuge man. On the train to KL on Friday. It was packed! 2010

Overall there are about 300 pictures. Mish those moments. =))))))))


Nisa said...

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Sue Andy's said...

nurul standing egg ya psl eclipse ka? whoa never try it

sword said...


Nurul Razak said...

Suz: sik ingat ku tp fenomena bulan juak la.haha tem ya the whole hostel turun mok tangga rah tempat sidai baju =D

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