Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby girls grow faster than boys

This was taken by my sis on 2/4/11

and this was taken some time last week.

In four months Ikha has outgrown Adam =D

The pictures were taken at the exact same spot.hihi

Ikha and Adam are about 5months different in age. and now she looks like a sister to Adam.

But worry not coz girls usually stop growing wayyy earlier than boys.

Evidence: yours truly T___T

I stop growing vertically since Form 3 i.e. 15 years old. But my body never stops growing horizontally. why oh why?

and I'm the shortest among siblings, second shortest in the family after mom.

Anyhoo, I'm grateful. eh dah melalut nih.

Just wanna share my niece and nephew's growth. =D


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