Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Under the weather

Today started off just fine at 5am as I woke up early for sahur. After Subuh prayer, which was around 6.15 am, my tummy started growling. I thought it's due to wind/ bowel movements since I too much for buka last night.

At 7 am, I already went in and out the toilet for a couple of times. Then off I went to sleep. At 9 am, I was awaken by this sudden urge to poop. So I dragged my sleepy head to the toilet and 'invested' some. Went back to the bad to sleep but was stopped with the uneasiness and again ran to the bathroom to do business.

That's when my cherry berry started. At 6.30pm (right now) I've lost count of how many times I've been in and out the toilet. and my back (you know which part) hurts real bad!!!!!!!!!

The whole day I spent time thinking what might have caused this. But no clue since I ate what my family ate and non of them have the same illness like me. Untilllll.....

at 3pm I was freakin' hungry so I grabbed Tuna spread for the fridge and the bread. I took one slice of bread and guess what? I see roachessssssssssss! Like cockroach but the size of rice. Very small. There were 2 of them. Then I dig deeper into the plastic and ewwww...there are many many of them. Yuckss

I ate those bread for sahur!!!

And off they went into the dustbin. Damn you roaches! I think they are digging my belly. May you rote in hidrocloric acid.

*off to toilet.



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